sl Poachers Seeking a New Life in Tanzaniasl Poachers Seeking a New Life in Tanzania

- Kirkus review

"A thoughtful, provocative tale
that, in the spirit of Iris Mudoch's
work raises urgent questions while
also resisting facile answers..."

"Shrewdly written buoyant
cheeky prose"


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Santa Fe author Patricia Sharpe

I always riffle through a book before I fish for my credit card.  I want a sense of its style, its flavor.  So I’ve built this website to give visitors a taste of my work.   Three poems appear on this page, a few more on subsequent pages, along with some bits of fiction.  When I give readings, I frame  selections with context or commentary.  I’ll do some of that, too.  But, ultimately, whatever I write stems from a life that’s never been confined to one city, one state, one country.

When I was growing up, moving from place to place with my family, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to write. But first, it seemed to me, I had to know a lot more about the world….

Don’t be afraid, not of dogs or strange
noises or leering men in pickup trucks.
Don’t be afraid of the dark, unless you feel
it creeping up inside.

from “Climbing Mt. Bernal”
in A Partial Rainbow Makes No Sense


(from The Danger is Seduction)

This dump truck head of mine
picks everything up and packs it in.

Thoughts don’t get lost. They buzz
around like flies on food.

I write to keep the maggots out,
to fend off clutter and confusion.

But stuff keeps piling in, so much,
so fast, it’s hard to sort and profit by.

I decided once to quit. I declared
the landfill full.

From the junk pile a glimmer,
something bright rolling free,

and I — oh yes!
was back in business.


(from The Danger is Seduction)

The she bears
have found their winter motels
and parked themselves.

Lucky sows. Tucked away
in comfort, warmth
and darkness

to nap, to dream,
to gestate. Snow falls,
piles up, melts off.

Sap rises. Trees green.
Skinny bears emerge
with a cub or two.

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